How Paul Kiebler Created A Legacy For Two Decades

For the millions of people who aspire to be successful in the industry of real estate, one man has so much to tell and impart to the multitude of individuals wanting to venture out in the field of properties. He goes by the name Paul Kiebler, for many years, Paul was at the top of his game providing the whole community of Ohio as well as its neighboring states the best properties available such as housings, multi family units, dormitories, and many more. Paul has become widely recognized for his efforts in providing his hometown with the best development projects for people who are in deep need of a residential fix, and for the people who has long known Kiebler, having that kind of characteristic in his personality is of no surprise since he himself was able to obtain his very own humble abode at the age of 16. Many people didn’t know that Paul was that determined to make something out for his future, no one could ever do such thing at a very young age on his own like Paul did.

It was in that moment that Paul Kiebler came to a discovery that what he would want to do for the rest of his life to handle, manage and soon own his first company dedicated in the real estate department. That desire all came into fruition by the entering of the year 2000, the millennium was the biggest breakthrough for Kiebler to start doing operations for business. It was during this era was he able to built and put up two huge companies namely Apollo Property Management and Kiebler Properties, these two establishments are Kiebler’s pride and joy that he treats like his two sons. When Apollo came into the picture, it has immediately a huge amount of positive feedbacks from people everywhere, and since the firm is dedicated and highly specialized in providing the best property management and consultation services, the Kiebler Properties works in collaboration with Apollo to give clients a more in depth option of acquiring properties.

That’s how Paul Kiebler made his entire existence in the industry of real estate significant, instead of focusing on working for another company to sell properties, why not do it for himself. For that reason, he poured all his time and assets into creating the best companies available for the community and residents of Ohio and its other neighbor states. Because of Kiebler, 2,000 multi family units were put into completion, plus many other units in other projects as well such as the Ventana Hills Apartments, Slippery Rock Student Housing, Village of Sewickley Hills, Berkeley Manor Apartments, ridgebrook of Concord and so much more in the states of South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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